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[IT] Abitano in una delle capitali più grandi di Europa ma hanno scelto Roma per passare delle vacanze romantiche, per scoprire la Dolce Vita e rendere il loro amore indimenticabile. Mentre stava ammirando la bellezza della città, l'amore della sua vita ha scelto uno dei monumenti più belli e romantici del mondo per fare la sua proposta (vedere foto 3). Hanno deciso di immortolare questo momento con un shooting attraverso la città. Arte di vivere, patrimonio, bellezza dell'Italia: Roma riunisce tutti i criteri per una richiesta perfetta. La città possiede molti posti come la Fontana di Trevi, il Colosseo, il Panthéon, per una dichiarazione d'amore degna delle più grande scene di cinema.

Come questa coppia, godete dei servizi di Wedding Planner Roma che aiuterà il fidanzato a mettere in scena questa richiesta magica, per sorprendere la donna della sua vita. Per di più, la nostra Martina è specializzata nelle più belle proposte di matrimonio. Organizzeremo poi il matrimonio, combinando magia e romanticismo, basandoci sempre sui vostri gusti. Il nostro obbiettivo è di rendere questo evento come la città di Roma: eterno.

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[EN] They live in one of the biggest capitals of Europe, but they have chosen Rome for spending their romantic holidays, in order to discover the italian way of life and create a real love story. While she was enjoying the beauty of the city, her soulmate chose one of the most romantic and beautiful monuments of the world to propose (see picture 3). Then, they decide to immortalize this event with a photo shoot across the city. Art of living, heritage, beauty of Italy: Rome contains all the criteria for a perfect marriage proposal. The Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum or the Panthéon constitute the best places for an outstanding declaration of love, as we see in our favorite movies.

Like this couple, enjoy the services of our company Wedding Planner Roma. We will help the fiancé to prepare this magic proposal, in order to surprise his future wife. Furthermore, our Martina is specialized in engagement proposal. Then we will organise the wedding of your dream. We want your event to be like the city of Rome: eternal.

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[FR] Ils viennent d'une des capitales les plus grandes d'Europes mais ont choisi Rome pour des vacances en amoureux, afin de découvrir la Dolce Vita et rendre leur amour inoubliable. Alors qu'elle admirait la beauté de la ville, l'élu de son coeur a choisi un des monuments les plus beaux et romantiques du monde pour lui faire la demande la plus importante de sa vie (voir photo n°3). Ils ont choisi d'immortaliser ce moment grâce à un shooting photo à travers la ville. Art de vivre, patrimoine et charme de l'Italie, Rome réunit tous les critères pour une demande en mariage parfaite. Fontaine de Trevi, Colisée, Panthéon: la ville musée regorge d'endroits pour une déclaration d'amour enflamée digne des plus grandes scènes de cinéma.

Comme ce couple, profitez des services de Wedding Planner Roma qui aidera donc Monsieur à mettre en scène cette demande magique, afin de surprendre la femme de sa vie. De plus, Martina est spécialiste dans le domaine des demandes en mariage. Nous organiserons ensuite votre mariage, en combinant magie et romantisme, tout en se basant sur vos envies. Notre objectif est de rendre votre mariage comme la ville de Rome: éternel.

Photo par Paolo Cencioni

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Wedding Planner Rome - Destination Wedding

You've found your soulmate, you're engaged and you've chosen the period you want to get married. The next step is obvious: finding the ceremony destination of your dreams! When it comes to choosing the place you'll spend the best day of your life, there are many things you need to keep in mind. From guest capacity to remembering to make reservations for the rehearsal too, our etiquette experts outline everything you need to ask when you are visiting a potential wedding location.

The questions you ask when scouting a ceremony site completely depend on the type of ceremony you wish to have. As you can imagine, holding your ceremoy at a religious venue will hold more restrictions than an outdoor garden. If you are thinking about a church or temple, you'll want to ask about any clothing restrictions (are you allowed to have bare shoulders?), how much of your ceremony you're allowed to customize (like vows or speakers), and if communion or a chuppah will be provided for you. Photography and videography (if allowed during the ceremony) are things you have to think about, as well as music which is provided by the location when you should meet with the organist or choir director or if you're allowed to bring outside music in, and what additional fees come with choosing this facility, (if you choose tu use a church's organist or a temple's cantor do you have to pay them separetely or a fee for their services).

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More general things you'll want to check are if you're allowed to decorate and what restrictions go along with that process. When the florist can come to set up and if there's a good spot for them to deliver everything, plus how will everything be disposed following the ceremony. Whether there are any weddings the same day as yours, if there's a room for the bride and groom to get ready before the ceremony, what the parking situation is like (especially for the car that will carry the bride and groom), and if you can throw rose petals or seeds following the ceremony. And, of course, when you choose to book don't forget to reserve the location for the rehearsal the night before, too!

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The Real Reason You Have to Buy Your Wedding Dress So Far in Advance

You're newly engaged, and you're excited... to go wedding dress shopping! And while your wedding date (if you've even set one, yet) may seem like it's ages away, it's actually a good idea to head to the bridal salon sooner rather than later. The reason? A made-to-order wedding dress from a bridal salon takes about nine months to make, in Italy only from 3 to 6 months! So gather your girls and start hitting the bridal boutiques. Aside from the fact that it may take you some time to find "the one", you'll need to perfectly time your three (yes, three!) fittings, allowing for custom alterations and then some more custom alterations. To help explain why it takes so many months to perfect your dress, here's a breakdown of the timeline—from purchasing your dream gown to walking it down the aisle.
9 months before the wedding: Pick your gown and pay a deposit of 50 to 60 percent. The dress will be made to your measurements, and different parts may be crafted in different areas of the world, in Italy the crafting is made in Italy.
3 months before: The gown should be finished and at the salon. Just in case it's not, you have wiggle room before the first fitting!
6 to 8 weeks before: First fitting time. Keep your weight stable from here on out, for the weight matter we can help you ! Make minor tweaks (change neckline, trim train, et cetera).
4 weeks before: Second fitting. Choose the headpiece, veil, and accessories.
2 weeks before: Third fitting. The gown should be almost flawless. Try on your entire wedding look.
2 days before: Pick up your finished gown and pay the balance, including alteration fees.
The Big Day: Show time!