Friday, March 26, 2021

What are good clothing brands for guys?

 What are good clothing brands for guys?


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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Fashion Trend Forecast 2021

Fashion Trend Forecast 2021
Don’t know what to Wear ?
Italian fashion, the favorite in the world.Let's break down Italian style so you can incorporate some elements into your own everyday looks.Ask Personal Shopper Roma to help you!
What Personal Shopper Rome recommends for 2021.
Here's What's In What's Out
Personal Shopper Rome reveals to you some of
the in and out trends for 2021

Stylist let out items from your 2020 wardrobe that you should get rid of this year..
Tie-dye jumpers and bike shorts are on their way out, according to stylists. A carefully curated wardrobe is an important part of feeling and looking good.
But fashion doesn't stand still, meaning some items that were trendy this year will be looking stale by the time 2021 rolls around. You can finally say goodbye to your ripped jeans. "People are editing wardrobes to keep just the essentials, and ripped denim isn't as versatile as other styles. If you're ready to let go of your shredded ripped denim, the stylist suggested picking up classic, clean cuts that can be worn from day to night. "Fluorescent items should be reserved for situations like cycling, where visibility is a must
What's In For 2021
• #1. oversized jackets and blazers. ...
• #2. polo neck sweaters. ...
• #3. second skin tops. ...
• #4. straight denim styles and more relaxed fits. ...
• #5. sweater tees and shorter cardigans. ...
• #6. puffed sleeves. ...
• #7. elevated hoodies. ...
• #8. cozy sets.

• What’s out for 2021
• 1 Tie-dye
• 2 Bike shorts reserved for cycling
• 3 Fluorescent items
• 4 Ripped denim

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Will you say”yeah but,no but”to the trucksuit?

 Will you say”yeah but,no but”to the trucksuit?
Adopt the form with logo waistband.
Might not have actually appeared on mood boards,shiny trackies micro aggressioni is actually all of us right now. Miù Miù (1950 inspired track Jacket)
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Grey hair trend

 Grey hair trend, a modern way to change your look, do you like it?

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