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7 Ways to Look Glamorous

Come to Rome and Change your look!
What to wear in Rome? Do you want to look like Angelina Jolie? Would you like to be glamorous? Come to the Eternal City and find your personal shopper Anna Maria Nardi. She will take you to the most famous shops. You want to have some piece of advice about what to wear or not with your body or your personality? A personal shopper will help you to find what you want. 

Let's discover the 7 ways to feel Glamorous

1. Slip into some sexy lingerie

Glamour starts with what you put on under your clothes. Wearing something lacy can lift your spirits and make you feel sexy. Trade your threadbare cotton bra and underwear for a silk set that adds instant sex appeal. Sure, your spouse might be thrilled with the change-up, but this isn't about anyone else but you. Just knowing how hot you look under your outfit will impart a sense of glamour.

2. Paint your lips with red lipstick

Nothing says glamour like a luscious red pout. Instead of your usual swipe of nude gloss, opt for a look-at-me shade of red. Consider your skin tone when picking the shade. If you have pale skin, choose a rosy or pinkish hue (which won't stand out as much against your fair skin). If you have a medium to dark complexion, you can pull off richer, brighter shades.

3. Play Up your Eyes

If you really want to look and feel more glamorous, the eyes have it. Play with this season's bold shadows or do up a sexy, smoky eye to instantly add glamour to your overall look. Curl your lashes and add a lengthening mascara for definition and wow factor. If you want to feel ultra-glam (especially if you're going out), consider adding false eyelashes to your look. 

4. Ditch flats for heels.

Flats may be comfortable but they don't exactly scream glamour. Maximize the glam quotient of any outfit by wearing a pair of fabulous heels. Your legs will look longer, you'll look leaner, and your outlook will improve. You may not want to wear heels every day, but once in a while, especially when you're feeling out of sorts, heels can make a huge difference.

5. Opt for over-the-top accessories.

Now is your chance to wear the jewelry you shy away from on a regular day because it just doesn't go with jeans and T-shirts. Choose something sparkly and bold to add to your outfit as a way to glam up your look for the evening. Wearing stylish but statement-making accessories is an effortless way to look and feel more glamorous. Even a simple shift dress can look impressive when jazzed up with some serious sparkle.

6. Choose a sensual fragrance

This is not the time for light and airy body sprays. If you want to feel glamorous, you have to smell the part. A luxurious, exotic fragrance will help ensure you feel sexy and confident. 

7.  Wear a dress

When it's time to feel glamorous, don't even think about donning something drab. This style situation calls for a dress, and nothing less will do. Choose a style that's fun and flirty and that makes you feel great. Whether it's your go-to little black dress or a sultry sundress in a feisty floral pattern, a dress is a quick and easy route to instant glam. Wearing a dress has a way of making even mundane events feel like a special occasion.

Don't ask yourself anymore questions! Let yourself be guided by a professional personal shopper who will help you to feel as glamorous as possible. 

What Do Athletes Wear

Let's discover what the professionals wear

Cristiano Ronaldo 

This soccer player likes the Italian brands, especially Gucci.

It is often skin-tight and rarely colored, with a lot of hair gel and earrings.

David Beckham 

When it comes to his attire, you'll generally find that Beckham favours one colour above all others: black.A leather biker jacket, a basic black T-shirt, a wool top-coat, a pair of slim-fit black jeans, and a pair of beautifully patinated dark brown boots

Tony Parker

Casual and simple style, the famous basketball player knows how to link style and simplicity. 

Lionel Messi

Always with a black suit, especially Dolce & Gabbana 

Pictures From BVLGARI Tour

Celebrate Your Wedding With Your Pet

dog in wedding

dog in weddingHow to engage your animals during your most beautiful day, to make it memorable!
Not surprisingly, many couples involve their animals on the day of their marriage. What could be more adorable than a dog in a tuxedo?
"The animal plays an important role in the life of a couple and in family life", the party would not be complete without the presence of your faithful companion, it is becoming more and more common for couples to personalize their events and weddings including family, friends and adorable furry, four-legged pets. " And now we have the professionals, Pet Sitter, to help us make your best friend even happier.
If you want to include your pet, there are still some precautions. We asked a Pet Sitter agency some tips on how to keep our "friend" safe and happy during the wedding party.

First, consider the personality of your pet
A pet can be a guest of honor and simply attend the wedding party. At the ceremony, your "friend" can have a specific role (the ring bearer). But before you give it a leading role, consider whether it can be a pleasant experience for him. Will your "friend" feel comfortable among your guests? Is it obedient and well-mannered? There are no guarantees that your "friend" will behave exactly as you want on your wedding day. Even the most open and friendly animal can be overwhelmed by a crowd of guests ...
The pet needs to feel at home among your guests and therefore considered hiring a Pet Sitter, which will act as a guide. And if your pet is particularly troublesome, consider a guide for the whole event .. And if it's too affectionate or easily distracted, make sure to use a short leash.

Ask the location whether animals are allowed during your ceremony
With so many things to do on your list, it's easy to forget this simple but important request.
If you can not bring your pet? You can always include your pet in the photographs after the ceremony.
Do not compromise the wellbeing of your "friend", if you want to dress him up, do it with confidence and style but remember, comfort is key!
Plan to dress your dog with a tuxedo? Make sure it fits properly, not only with his personality, but also so your pet doesn't experience any discomfort. Some ideas for your "friend's" outfit: accessories can be simple, a bow tie or a flower attached to the collar is a fun way to dress it up easily. Make sure all accessories are securely to the collar, and do not present a choking hazard for your animal. Ensure that the flowers or plants used for your wedding, are not toxic to your pet.

Inform guests
Communicate this information-warnings, via email or on your website (if you have one), ask if your guests have allergies to animals, there are many people who suffer from it.

Inform the photographer
Prepare the photographer, ask to take pictures of you and your pet such as when it is in action during the event, during the cute and unexpected moments, or during cute moments, such as when the dog jumps on you to embrace you, or other, etc. 

Book a Pet Sitter
You have enough to worry about on your wedding day, this is why hiring a pet sitter is essential, the sitter will be responsible and they will take care of your pet and lead him during the ceremony and then bring him home. This way, you will have no worries, everything will be taken care of and it will be a after for the pet. 

Of course, dogs are not the only animals that you can include on your wedding day! Do you love your horse, cat, bunny, or snake? Include them in the wedding or in the wedding pictures! And here's a fun opportunity if your friend flies: tie the rings to they foot and you'll have a flying ring bearer. 

Good luck to you and your special friends!

dog in wedding
Come coinvolgere il vostro peloso  e altri animali durante   il vostro giorno più bello, per renderlo indimenticabile !
Non ci sorprende che molte coppie  coinvolgano i loro animali il giorno del loro matrimonio. 
Cosa c’è di più adorabile che un cane con lo smoking?
"L'animale svolge un ruolo importante nella vita di una coppia e nella vita di famiglia “, la festa non sarebbe completa senza la presenza del vostro compagno fedele", "sta diventando sempre più comune per le coppie di personalizzare i loro eventi  ematrimoni tra familiari, amici e  adorabili  pelosi a quattro zampe." E poi ora abbiamo dei professionisti i Pet Sitter per aiutarci a rendere più felice il nostro amico migliore.
Se si desidera includere anche il vostro animale domestico, ci sono comunque alcune precauzioni. Abbiamo chiesto ad una agenzia di Pet Sitter  alcuni suggerimenti su come mantenere ilnostro “amico” sicuro e felice durante la festa di matrimonio.

Per prima cosa,prendere in considerazione la personalità del vostro animale domestico
Un animale domestico può essere un ospite d'onore e semplicemente partecipare alla festa di matrionio. Alla cerimonia, il vostro “amico” può avere un ruolo specifico (portatore d’anello) . Ma prima di dargli un ruolo di primo piano, valutate se può essere  un'esperienza piacevole per lui. Il vostro “amico”saprà  stare tranquillo in giro tra i vostri ospiti? È obbediente e ben educato? Non ci sono garanzie che il vostro “amico” sapràcomportarsi esattamente come si desidera  il giorno del matrimonio. Anche l'animale più aperto e amichevole può essere sopraffatto da una folla di ospiti…
Lui il peloso ha bisogno di sentirsi a suo agio,  in mezzo ai vostri ospiti e per questo considerate l'assunzione di un Pet Sitter, che fungerà da guida. E se il vostro animale domestico è particolarmente capriccioso, prendere in considerazione una guida per tutto il periodo dell’evento.. E se è troppo affettuoso o facilmente distratto, assicurarsi di utilizzare un guinzaglio corto.

Chiedere alla location se gli animali sono ammessi durante lavostra cerimonia
Con le tante  cose da fare nella vostra lista, è facile dimenticare questa semplice ma importante richiesta.
Se non fosse  possibile portare il vostro peloso? È sempre possibile includere nel matrimonio  il vostro peloso  nelle fotodopo la cerimonia.

Non compromettere il benessere  del vostro amico ,pensate anche a farlo stare bene,con  sicurezza e stile !
prevedete di vestire il vostro cane con uno smoking? Assicurarsi che si adatti correttamente alla sua personalità e non crei disagio.Qualche idea per il look del vostro amico,gli accessori possono essere  semplici: un papillon o un fiore attaccato al collare è un modo divertente per vestirlo facilmente. Assicurarsi che tutti gli accessori siano saldi al collare,e non presentino alcun rischio di soffocamento per il vostro animale.Controllate  che i fiori o piante utilizzate per il vostro matrimonio, non siano tossiche per il vostro animale domestico.

Informare gli ospiti
Comunicate queste informazioni-avvertenze , via e-mail o sulvostro sito web  (se ne avete uno), informatevi se i vostri invitati hanno allergie agli animali,sono in molti coloro che ne soffrono.

Informare il fotografo
Preparate il fotografo ,richiedete di scattare foto dei momenti indimenticabili per voi e per lui ,quando sarà in azione durante momenti inaspettati ,quando il cane salta su di voi per abbracciarvi, o ancora altri...

Prenotare un Pet Sitter
Avete abbastanza di cui preoccuparvi il giorno del matrimonio,per cui  assumere un Pet Sitter è indispensabile, sarà ilresponsabile e si prenderà cura del vostro animale domestico per condurlo durante la cerimonia e poi riportarlo a casa. In questo modo,non avrete nessuna preoccupazione,sarà controllato e non mangerà cose dannose per lui . 
Naturalmente, i cani non sono gli unici animali che potete includere il giorno del matrimonio! Amate il vostro cavallo?Durante la cerimonia,se la location  è adeguata e permetterà potrà stare con voi…. E’ sempre possibile portare il vostro coniglio per fare belle foto insieme agli sposi . E qui c'è un possibilità divertente se il vostro amico vola: lo preparate a volare con gli anelli legati alla  zampa!
Buona vita a voi e ai vostri amici speciali !

dog in wedding
Comment faire participer vos animaux lors du plus beau jour de votre vie, pour le rendre encore plus mémorable!
Ce n’est pas surprenant que de nombreux couples fassent également participer leurs animaux le jour de leur mariage. Quoi  de plus adorable qu'un chien en smoking ? 
"L’animal joue un rôle important dans la vie d'un couple  et dans une vie de famille, les fêtes de famille ne serait pas complète sans la présence de leur animal de compagnie", a déclaré John D'Ariano, Président de l'Association nationale des professionnels Sitters Pet (NAPPS). " Il devient de plus en plus commun pour les couples de personnaliser leurs fêtes de mariage en incluant famille, amis et compagnons à quatre pattes."
Mais si vous désirez inclure votre animal de compagnie, il y a cependant quelques précautions à prendre. Nous sommes arrivés à l'NAPPS pour quelques conseils sur la façon de garder votre animal de compagnie heureux et en sécurité pendant les festivités de mariage.

Prenez en compte la personnalité de votre animal de compagnie
Un animal de compagnie peut être un invité d'honneur et tout simplement participer à la fête de mariage. Lors de la cérémonie, votre animal de compagnie peut avoir un rôle spécifique (porteur d'alliances) à la cérémonie. Mais avant de donner à votre animal un rôle de premier plan, Assurez-vous que ce soit une expérience agréable pour lui. Votre animal se sentira à l'aise autour de vos invités? Est-il obéissant et bien élevé? Il n'y a aucune garantie que votre animal se comportera exactement comment vous le voulez sur le jour du mariage. Même l'animal le plus ouvert et amical peut être submergé par une foule d'invités.
Votre animal de compagnie doit développer un niveau de confort autour de vos invités et pour cela envisagez l'embauche d'une gardienne d'animaux, qui agira comme un guide. Et si votre animal est particulièrement capricieux, envisager d'avoir quelqu'un pour le porter. Et s'il est trop affectueux ou facilement distrait, assurez-vous d'utiliser une laisse courte.

    Confirmer une les animaux sont admis dans votre cérémonie
Avec tout le reste des choses à faire sur votre liste, il est facile d'oublier cette simple mais importante étape.
Vous ne pouvez pas apporter votre animal de compagnie? Vous pouvez toujours l'inclure dans le mariage en faisant participer votre animal de compagnie dans vos portraits après la cérémonie.

    Ne pas mettre en péril la sécurité pour le style
Vous avez prévu d’habiller votre chien dans un smoking? Assurez-vous qu'il est bien ajusté et ne crée pas de gêne pour votre animal de compagnie. Gardez les accessoires simples : un nœud papillon ou une fleur attachée au collier est une façon amusante d’habiller votre animal de compagnie. Assurez-vous que tous les accessoires ne se détachent et ne posent pas de risques d'étouffements pour votre animal de compagnie. Assurez-vous de vérifier que les fleurs ou les plantes utilisées à votre mariage ne soient pas toxiques pour votre animal.

Informez vos invités
Communiquez ces informations par mails ou sur votre site web de mariage (si vous en avez un), mettez en évidence un avertissement pour savoir tous ceux qui souffrent d'allergies.

Avertissez votre photographe
Préparer votre photographe pour prendre des photos  de moments inoubliables de votre animal en action : pendant les moments imprévus, lorsque votre chien vous sautera dessus pour vous embrasser, pendant Les vœux, etc.

Réservez un Sitter Pet
Vous avez assez de soucis le jour de votre mariage alors embauchez un Pet Sitter qui sera responsable de veiller sur votre animal et de l'apporter à la cérémonie, puis le ramener chez lui, ou le garder lors de la réception. De cette façon, vous ne vous souciez pas de qui va nourrir le chien ou encore le garder loin du chocolat.

Bien évidemment, les chiens ne sont pas les seuls animaux que vous pouvez inclure le jour de votre mariage!Vous aimez votre cheval? Montez sur lui pendant la cérémonie ou apportez votre lapin pour faire de jolis portraits de mariée. Et voici une astuce amusante pour un oiseau de compagnie: Entraînez-le à voler avec les anneaux liés à sa patte!

Bonne chance à vous et vos amis spéciaux!

dog in wedding

Destination Weddings

Kissing in Italy, a social norm...

For you foreigner followers, this map is interactive to help you to learn about our regions, go on our website www.weddingplannerroma.it and discover the region that you like for your wedding destination:

Per te follower straniero, questa mappa è interattiva per aiutarti a conoscere le nostre regioni, vai sul sito www.weddingplannerroma.it e scopri la regione che più ti piace per il tuo destination wedding: 

Pour toi follower étranger, cette carte map est interactive et t'aidera à en apprendre davantage sur nos régions, va sur notre site www.weddingplannerroma.it et découvre la région qui te plaît le plus pour ta wedding destination:

4 Ways to Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day

Eat Foods as close to Nature as You Can Get

Everyone knows junk food is bad, but When preparing for your big day, It is important to cut the junk food out of your diet, and eat naturally grown foods.   This will not only help your diet and body but your skin hair and nails as well. 

Apply Makeup to Enhance Your Beauty and Facial Features. 

Makeup is one of you usually you you you details That comes at last, Although it is one of the last things to be done, it is still good to prepare a head of time for the look you want. Applying natural colors and shades to Enhance Your features is a great way to make you sparkle on your wedding day. 

Hydrate Your Body with Water

Water is the best option When it comes to drinks. Carbonated drinks such as soda, champagne and carbonated water releases carbon dioxide into the body, leaving you feeling bloated. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

All of the planning for the big day does take time, but it is important to get a good amount of sleep a few nights before your weeding.   This will combat any eye circles and help your skin look radiant, as well as put you in a good mood. 

Valentine Wedding Gowns

You can customize your dream Italian wedding gown. Inspired by the look of a gorgeous Valentino couture wedding gown. 

Men's Fashion

2016 Top Men’s Fashion: UK and Italy

This year it’s all about bringing old trends back; styles like denim, flowers and short-shorts are only the beginning of a new wave of bold retro-modern trends.

Mid-thigh length shorts:

A riskier cut for men who want to show off their legs. With hotter weather right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to show off some skin while staying fashionable and cool?


Another retro look that is coming back, and boy are we glad! We love the elegance and simplicity of these looks. Too over-the-top? Nonsense, anyone can pull off a full denim outfit when styled properly.


The complexity of these flowered patterns is perfect for spring and summer fashion. These pieces add drama and life to any outfit, perfect for a bold man!

Mid-thigh length shorts:

A riskier cut for men who want to show off their legs. With hotter weather right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to show off some skin while staying fashionable and cool?

Contact our expert stylists to see how we can make these high fashion trends a reality for you!

Italian Men Fashion 2016

Italian fashion is the center of chic on mens clothing.
 Contact us at Infopersonalshopperroma.it

"Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with"

The Italian style is winning, the man is Italian class. It is not difficult to meet along the road some men who "love to be watched." I know below, you will find some Ideas that we like for you. Let us know Which of These you prefer. Do You Already have something similar?

Men Sport Fashion: Italian Fashion Clothing, trainers and sportswear, designer clothing for Men

     " Style is something each of us has Already, all we need to do is find it "    

Men's Beach Closing, Summer Wear

"Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style"

Closing weekend, Casual Style

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"

Evening dress

"Do it big, do it right, do it with style"

Work Clothes, Professional Style

"Sex Appeal is 50% of what you've got and 50% what people think you've got"

Look Wedding, Special Occasion Style

"People will be. Make it worth while Their"

Men Fashion photo research: Cécile Legras