Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The barrette is back in 2019 !

Delicate or coarser, for an assertive style, it comes in all shapes and colors.

It was believed to be permanently tucked away in a bathroom drawer, among the darlings that we loved so much in the 1990s. The nostalgic will be delighted to learn that 2019 is the year of the big comeback. Practical accessory, which is no longer reserved for girls in primary school. No, whether you're 20, 30 or 40 years old, you can wear it proudly and stylishly.

Spotted on Gigi Hadid at the last Versace fashion show, on the "angel" of Victoria's Secret Behati Prinsloo or in many haute couture collections such as those of Chanel or Gucci, the barrette comes with an animal print, in delicate geometric shapes, it is decorated with pearls, sequins or the traditional big knot that gives an ultra-feminine side. We superimpose them, we wear them in duo or trio ... There is only the embarrassment of the choice!

It is not for nothing that these accessories are called head jewelry. These precious details sublimate a whole hair. Their assets? They adapt to the occasions and to our outfits. The barrette is chic in the evening, urban day and casual weekend. Even for a wedding, this clip usurps the place of the veil to match the wedding dress.




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Friday, January 25, 2019


Do not be innocent, we know it: the handbag is your little cute sin. And who says "spring-summer", says "novelties". The new season is an opportunity for us to go around what to wear. Ray handbag, fashion trends are perfectly clear: mini bag and pop colors. Here are the handbags that may give you shopping urges.

Bags spring summer 2019: trends to follow

The mini bag


The XXS model has the coast this season. We forget about our bag of Mary Poppins and we go to the bare minimum: wallet, key, phone and essential make-up.

The animal print

After spending the winter on our dresses and coats, the animal print tackles our fashion accessories. On the handbags of the summer, we will find the reptile on all our models.



If you did not have yours last summer, it's time to invest. Round format or shopping bag, the basket will be, really, everywhere.

The banana


You will have to make it: banana is the new must-have. Some seasons that she tries to impose, this time, she will be queen.

The essential bags to have

The bucket bag


Like last year and again the year before, the bucket bag remains THE model that hits in the spring of summer. In leather or canvas, it comes in all colors. And to recognize the model you need, go for the round handle, a distinctive sign of the ultimate trend.

The tote


No need to introduce it to you, the tote is THE classic handbag. Big enough to store all your belongings, convenient enough not to fit under your arm. This season, you will find many models that will certainly seduce you.

The Red


For some seasons, the red is needed. On the handbags, it allows to leave the classic black and burgundy. And that's good because we only want one summer: pimper our look.

The backpack


It has become completely unavoidable. Long reserved for playgrounds, the backpack has become, thanks to the podiums, a bag like any other. It is adopted in the same way that we ended up assuming to wear the pool clappers.

The colors of bags spring summer 2019

The colors spring summer 2019 are inviting on all models of handbags. Starting with fluo with extremely pop colors.
The bags of the season are played without filter. Chocolate cream through camel, we play the card of the natural. Conversely, blue and red come out of the game to satisfy those who need color.
And then, on trendy spring summer handbags, you'll find classic colors like black or burgundy.

What will be THE purse of your summer? You are spoiled for choice from our selection!


Thursday, January 3, 2019


A little black dress ....
 What should you think of this sequence of magic words? Or do they have anything magical for you? I hope so! Our experience dates back to over 20 years of activity, if you want to feel good, with a well-groomed appearance, we know that this is no age limit nor occupation, the choices we suggest are always good.
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Treat yourself to a complementary personal styling session.
Our stylists have collectively over 20 years of experience dressing their clients. We offer general styling advice & specialize in investment dressing, special occasions & seasonal styling.


Lingerie is so much more than an undergarment.
To look great on the outside, you need to be wearing the right fit underneath! When you purchase lingerie or everyday bras with us, we of course offer a complementary bra fitting service.


A full wardrobe and nothing to wear?
For our customer we offer a periodic Wardrobe Cleansing session to ensure that your wardrobe consists of garments that work harmoniously together & still suit your dynamic lifestyle.

We focus on modern classics for the discerning woman & man, always find the perfect fit. Visit our site today to experience our personal styling services.
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Our clothing boutiques team aspires to provide you with a unique retail experience. We pride ourselves on quickly understanding the needs of our client and assisting them to build a wardrobe that expresses their personality and fits seamlessly into their lifestyle.
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We offer the traditional feel of a fashion boutiques with the latest international designer collections, lingerie and accessories. Our clothing boutique specializes in one-on-one personal styling tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget. 


Missoni’s signature style and palette, patterns and prints have become synonymous with a keen and sure sense of taste: exquisite figurative or abstract motifs inspired by nature, art and architecture, different habits and cultures. Constructions, cuts and fits are the credentials of a fashion which, while rooted in tradition, comes on new season after season in a spirit of non-conformist freedom.

Leather BELT

A good belt begins with the leather. This is why we invest so much time and energy sourcing the finest leathers boutiques. Our partners use only first class, quality leathers from Italy, We’ve worked alongside some of these Florentine tanneries for decades…we know how they work, and they know what we need. We often work to the edge of what is technically possible, and then go to the extreme limits of what’s possible with the material. Along with our tannery partners, we can create leather qualities which are made exclusively for us.

                          2019 Collection

The new collection recalls the classic, minimalist undertones of the illustrious brand, fusing unparalleled Italian sophistication with an air of effortlessly chic style. Timeless and innovative, the collection exudes discreet sexiness in the form of luxe fabrics and unexpected details found in modern, androgynous silhouettes. The range of prints, fabrics and shapes complement the many facets of the equipment woman: she is strong, chic, elegant, adventurous, sexy, and above all, classic.


Our partners clothing boutique offers lingerie and foundation garments sourced from the finest imported European brands. Let us help build your perfect wardrobe “from the skin out”.

The artisanal heritage, the know-how of the female body, the fusion of innovation and tradition, the Italian identity. These solid points are the chromosomes of the La Perla DNA, the most authentic legacy of the founder Ada Masotti. And today they represent the philosophy of this Italian company that is famous worldwide for its collections of underwear and beachwear that have awakened desires and extolled the bodies of thousands of women. The La Perla essence was created by hands possessing a knowledge that is both ancient and always new. Unique and precious. Like a gesture of love.



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