Friday, April 8, 2016

10 important steps before your wedding.

1. Start With a Budget: How much is going to cost? Plan out the maximum amount you're able to spend on all the wedding vendors, details and decorations. Be sure to set a budget early on! 

2. Make a To-Do List: The first couple of weeks that you immerse yourself in wedding planning will feel extra hectic and chaotic, so try to keep yourself organized with a to-do list. Write all the tasks you can think of on one document. Stay as organized as possible.
3. Delegate Tasks to Your Family Members: If you're not sure which tasks to hand over, have them take a look at your to-do list and pick any items that they feel they can execute for you. Get a Second opinion from them. 
4. Don't Be Afraid to Get Personal: Don't follow the wedding traditions if they're not yours. Don't be afraid to give your wedding a personal touch. 
5. Put Someone You Trust in Charge: Your best friend, your sister... Whatever! Choose one person you trust to be in charge of some important tasks.
6. Work as a Team With Your Fiancé: Turn to your fiancé for help along the way and even make wedding planning something fun you do together.
7. Keep Your Wedding Details a Secret: Have some wedding surprises along the way that you keep secret between just you and your fiancé, whether it's a special dessert bar or even an activity that will be taking place at your wedding.
8. Let the Groom Have His "Thing": An easy way for your groom to get involved is to give him something special to plan for the wedding, whether it's a whiskey bar or even the gifts for his groomsmen.
9. Consider Taking Off Work the Week Before: There may be a lot of last-minute tasks along the way, so consider taking off a few days before the wedding to just have some time to rest, relax, and to give yourself a buffer.

10. Take Time Between Your Wedding and Your Honeymoon: Planning a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time can be expensive and very time consuming! Just focus on your wedding, and you'll have time to plan your honeymoon later.

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