Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4 Ways to Look Amazing on Your Wedding Day

Eat Foods as close to Nature as You Can Get

Everyone knows junk food is bad, but When preparing for your big day, It is important to cut the junk food out of your diet, and eat naturally grown foods.   This will not only help your diet and body but your skin hair and nails as well. 

Apply Makeup to Enhance Your Beauty and Facial Features. 

Makeup is one of you usually you you you details That comes at last, Although it is one of the last things to be done, it is still good to prepare a head of time for the look you want. Applying natural colors and shades to Enhance Your features is a great way to make you sparkle on your wedding day. 

Hydrate Your Body with Water

Water is the best option When it comes to drinks. Carbonated drinks such as soda, champagne and carbonated water releases carbon dioxide into the body, leaving you feeling bloated. 

Get Plenty of Sleep

All of the planning for the big day does take time, but it is important to get a good amount of sleep a few nights before your weeding.   This will combat any eye circles and help your skin look radiant, as well as put you in a good mood. 

Valentine Wedding Gowns

You can customize your dream Italian wedding gown. Inspired by the look of a gorgeous Valentino couture wedding gown. 

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