Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Round face haircuts I have choosen for you

The haircuts 2019 that I have chosen for you, ideal for the round face, or to outline cheeks and chin, exist. Indeed, they are the coolest hairstyle choices of the season. "Whoever has a round face shape should prefer asymmetrical haircuts, those that create an optical effect of verticality, which lengthen or make the face oval. Opt for a non-centered lateral parting, a long side tuft under the eyes or a fringe soft, not dense and fixed, which would otherwise weigh down the whole and accentuate the round sections.

The advice for the best haircuts suitable for round faces is to cover slightly the front and also the outermost part of the cheeks, so as to optically thin the face. The styling must be soft: rigid and clean lines should be in contrast with the round face, highlighting its shape, rather than harmonizing with it ", explains Igor Rago, Ambassador and Artistic Director of ghd Italia. "A round face needs to be stretched. Yes to the asymmetrical tuft, NO to the fringe, which would shorten the face further. 

Is the bob cut? It is the most popular, but the rule is that on a round face the hair must be elongated in the frontal parts with respect to the shape of the nape, on a visual level they lengthen the figure ", explains Marco Pisani, Fashion Image Expert. "The perfect face shape is the oval, therefore, on a round face, care will be taken not to enlarge the tuft area or the fringe area too much and will focus on a beautiful neckline that helps to verticalize", concludes Sabrina Arvizzigno, owner of Arvi's Framesi Boutique in Milan.


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