Friday, November 24, 2023

FURCYCLE: IFF creates a label to certify PRE LOVED furs


Preloved fashion includes clothes in a variety of conditions, from used clothing that has been well-loved by someone else, to items that have been rescued from a warehouse. In between are gifts that have been bought and never opened. In short, these are clothes that may have been worn before.
Labeling was born to certify vintage and pre-loved furs, i.e. those used in good condition. The International Fur Federation (IFF), again chaired by Mark Oaten, thought about it - in a market scenario that sees the luxury market linked to second-hand products and conscious consumption growing rapidly. The new certification label is called Furcycle and arrives exactly two years after the launch of Furmark, the system that certifies new natural fur products.
“The Furcycle label allows us to emotionally connect the customer with the pre-loved item they are purchasing and provide them with a guarantee when purchasing beautiful and timeless vintage or second-hand furs.” If you love PRE LOVED FURS natural furs you will now also have a certification. Love the pre -loved !


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