Tuesday, July 24, 2018

to be glamorous and sexy without being vulgar!

how to bring out your feminine assets while remaining elegant and refined? It's always hard not to fall into vulgarity!
First of all, you need to know yourself, your body, to value your assets and camouflage your faults.
We give you whatever tips!
To avoid falling into vulgarity, we must not show too much! For example a long dress is more attractive and elegant than a dress too short, because it lets imagine the silhouette!
A slight cleavage is very attractive but it must remain very suitable not to fall into vulgarity (many women make cleavage mistakes.)
Don't show everything at once!
If you let your legs appear, don't show your low-cut.
Enhance your size!
It is very elegant for a woman to mark the waist with a belt!
Combine loose, tight things!
The shoes!
Obviously to look elegant, refined and seductive shoes are important! Heels are the best solution ! but do not overdo it because it becomes vulgar and unsightly. Simple and elegant shoes with heels always give a magnificent silhouette, refines and enlarges the legs.
But if you don't know how to walk in heels, don't panic! it's not a shame! simply, train yourself to walk in them, and opt for stable heels and not too high!

In short, to be a woman with a refined, seductive and elegant look without falling into vulgarity. You have to show a little, but not too much! Don't all enhance at the same time.  And let your figure guess!

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