Tuesday, July 24, 2018

TO MAKE NO FASHION MISTAKES? Choose your style according to your morphology

Every woman has her morphology! And to be perfect, you have to adapt your look!

If you are H-shaped (chest and hips straight): Avoid tight clothes that mark the waist.

If you are in the shape of A or 8 (chest and hips wide): Prefer clothing that is curved and that marks the waist.

If you are V-shaped (shoulders wider than hips): Put your chest forward and try to hide your shoulders.

If you have strong breasts: Wear round or square necklines, simple, without frills.

If you have a small chest: Prefer V-necklines.

If you are round: Try straight cut pants. If you want to look slimmer, rely on flowing clothes.

If your buttocks are flat, avoid jeans with low pockets.

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