Tuesday, July 24, 2018


It is the arrival of autumn ! and therefore sweaters to warm up in the evening and morning !
An essential basic in autumn-winter is the sweater, isn't it?
But you have to know how to choose it in relation to its morphology... Otherwise it can quickly turn into a catastrophe!

So, what about the sweater models, which ones show you off?

The turtleneck sweaters. Who do they fit?
The turtleneck sweaters go to girls who have a normal chest and not too much build.
On the other hand it does not go to girls who have a lot of chest because they are engulfed..
Nor does it suit girls with small breasts because they reveal the lack of breasts.

For women with generous breasts, they need sweaters with a deep round neck. Their breasts are thus nicely highlighted.

Then for girls with small breasts, sweaters with V-necks are perfect.

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