Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Here are 10 little tips for fashion accessories!

1 -   If your shoulders are square, use long necklaces.

2 -   With an evening dress, one opts for a sophisticated bag like a clutch (small handbag).

3 -   If you have shapes, carry a large bag.

4 -   Ideally, the contour of your glasses should reach the level of your eyebrows.

5 -   Your bag and varnish should not match your shoes.

6 -   If you are stout or strong, choose big jewels. And if you're small, go for thinner jewellery.

7 -   Only, a set of diamonds is modern.

8 -   Belts can enhance a marked size.

9 -   Gold goes well with matt skins but it should not be abused.

10 - To be modern, separate the accessories.

Now you know how to be beautiful and chic!

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