Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Fashion and style: the critical difference

Allow me to clarify a common confusion about a wardrobe.

The critical difference :
Fashion and Style are two common terms which are now vastly used by the young generation, though they are totally confused about it, cannot differentiate between fashion and style. Just not this young generation, there are so many who still don’t know the difference between fashion and style. “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself” said by Oscar de la Renta.
What is Fashion?
Fashion is a very versatile matter and trendy right now, which is being featured in magazines, on TV and on the fashion runways. In another view, Fashion is also the newest creations made by designers, which are brought by only a few numbers of people. Fashion can be anything such like clothes, shoes, make-up and accessories etc which is being made popular by fashion house, models, actors and actresses What is Style?
Style is something which is unique to everyone. Style is the persons own choice in clothes, accessories and others. Style is not totally dependent on clothing; it can be related with anything that makes the person looking stylish. In another view, style is the extension of fashion which does not change as fashion.
Now that we have talked about the difference between Fashion and Style, I show you some photos that are an example between the two.In case you find yourself watching a fashion show, remember that:
A Lady knows not to answer her phone at a fashion show!
Let me know if this post is helpful.Last thing,fashion style suggestion.
1. Dress to flatter your body.
Accentuate your assets and downplay the parts you don't feel as good about.
2. Not every trend is for everyone.
Sometimes it's okay to sit one out.
3. Spend some money on a gorgeous, clean black blazer.
See you soon!
. Key Difference between Fashion and Style:
Fashion Style
01 It is versatile. It is unique.
02 It is the newest creations made by designers. It is the person’s newest creations by applying his/ her own choice.
03 Fashion must be accepted by the society or group of people. Style can be accepted by the specific group of people.
04 It is being made popular by fashion house, models, actor and actress etc. The person is enough for increasing the popularity of a style.
05 It is changeable. It is constant.
06 It is perfect where no limitation. It’s not perfect, containing some limitations.
07 It is the relationship to the external. It is the relationship to the internal.
08 It has strong attraction. It has no attraction as fashion.
09 It is countless. It is limited.
10 Fashion takes our attention away from ourselves. Style brings our attention directly to ourselves.It is temporary.
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