Wednesday, June 3, 2020


in Rome,has a different smell it is sometingh that comes into the heart,wich takes you out of home (or office!) that makes you want to wander aimlessly,for a coffee,a glance,a smile.

Spring has a light, joyful waiting nature,it is like a beautiful young woman ready for a date but “our spring“ is even younger and more beautiful.We want takes you by the hand ,while you enjoy a roman break ,a stop at the Greek coffee,an eye to the windows in the street that the world admires us and where the excellence of that world is on display.Our tourist are the engine of our town,our clients is our fortune:let’s help it to stays and return in our great city!
Italy, in a few hours will enter the 3 phase, the phase of the return to normality. We look forward to meet you soon, as always, we can’t wait to accompany you to do the “usual” dream shopping.Via Condotti,via Del Babuino,via Margutta,A microcosm of passions,ideas,talents and professionalism, We will take you by the hand, you will discover many novelties.New restaurants,boutiques,fashion and design and the best luxury retail,are now more than ever a way out of the crisis,gripping the world economy. So we say goodbye ,see you soon in Rome!
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