Thursday, July 22, 2021

All women and all sizes can wear it!

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Little Black Dress
What does this sequence of magic words remind you of? Or do they have nothing magical for you? I hope so. Thinking about a little black dress I realize the good fortune of being a woman, the pleasant feeling of being able to wear it and feel good with a well-groomed appearance. For such a dress there is no age or occasion limit, a sheath dress always good at all times.
This is what many women have forgotten in recent years: it is not jeans that are good at all times, but a nice dress! It is said that we will never get a second chance
to make a good impression. It is true I remember people I met everywhere, just because before leaving the house it was evident that they had thought about what to wear, how to amaze the world that would welcome them. So every morning we should think about dressing as to get ready to make sensational encounters!

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