Sunday, July 4, 2021

Summer 2021 will also be eco-responsible on the beaches!

“Social and environmental sustainability becomes a standard in the projection of the new normal. Fashion actors must review the mix of their supply chains to better balance risks, costs and supply flexibility ", it is with these words that the Mc Kinsey" Time for Change "report, published in early May 2020, announced his forecasts for last year. One year later, the analysis is confirmed and affects all sectors, including beachwear. "Polyamide, polyester and elastane are the materials used for swimwear products and they are all synthetic fibers generally obtained from petroleum".
Initially born to make up for the global lack of natural fibers, but also to have textile fibers with specific properties (resistance, ease of maintenance, extensibility) at a low cost, these materials also guarantee optimal quality and performance for the practice of water sports.

The explosion of the use of recycled fibers

At the heart of this market, recycled fiber production is booming. Among these, there is space for recycled polyester starting from PET obtained from plastic water bottles of Invista) or from plastic waste recovered from the sea (Seaqual by Seaqual 4U). There is also polyester from the recycling of fishing nets (Econyl by Aquafil).
In first place, recycled plastic occupies an increasingly important place in the textile-clothing sector, as highlighted in the Textile Exchange 2020 report.
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